22 mai 2010

Catboat Rocket (1872)

Catboat Rocket (1872)

Catboat Rocket (1872).
Date inconnue.
Négatif sur verre, 25 x 20 cm.
Detroit Publishing Company.
Library of Congress.
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Rocket, catboat en bois de 4,60 m, construit en 1872, remanié en 1888.


Boston, Aug. 13. — An event of more than passing interest to the yachting fraternity is the announcement of the sale of the crack prize-winner Rocket, owned by Secretary H. M. Faxon of the Quincy Yacht Club, to F. Vogel Jr., of Milwaukee, Wis., which was consummated to-day. The Rocket is cat-rigged, 18.02 feet over all, 15.09 water line, 8.05 beam, and 1.06 draught. She was built in 1872 by Capt. Benjamin F. Bass of this city, and was purchased by Secretary Faxon in 1886. After two seasons of successful work Secretary Faxon had his pet rebuilt and remodeled by A. B. Lelois and the sail plan largely increased.

From 1888 to date the little flier has stood at the lead of her class with the phenomenal record of forty-four first and twenty-four second prizes out of eighty starts.

New-York Times, August 14, 1891.

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